2017 Football Team Camp, June 23-26

Please check out this important Team Football Camp information below.

WHO:  10-12 grade players who completed and submitted their paperwork*

WHEN:  June 23 – 26   This will be tricky considering we get out of school on June 23.  We                       will leave for camp ASAP after school gets out.

WHERE:  Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR

COST:  $275   This fee includes camp registration/meals, transportation, T-shirt & Shorts

HOW TO SIGN UP:  See Coach Baker (rm 706) or Coach Pock (PE Locker room)

DUE DATES:  Registration Forms due to Coach Baker by May 15                                                                                      Camp Payment due to ASB Office by June 15

RESTRICTIONS:  All players going to camp must have a minimum of 10 practices to                                      compete at camp.  Spring Practice will begin after Memorial Day.                                              Check back for Spring practice information

* Team participation in camp is subject to cancellation if insufficient number of players submit their paperwork by the due date (May 15).


Off-season TEAM workouts are in full swing!

The weight room is open on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:00 – 4:00  and we encourage ALL football players, not currently out for a sport, to come participate in a STRUCTURED workout with the TEAM.  Why make the occasional trip to 24 hour Fitness and wander around for 2 hours, or sit around the house doing nothing when you can come to the PHS Weight room and engage in a trainer directed program with your TEAM and get a quality workout in 1 hour?

Football is a demanding sport and players need strength and flexibility to endure its physical challenges.  Each year we have players who sustain injury.  Each year, the majority of injuries are sustained by players who have spent little time in the weight room.  Strength and flexibility are vital in all sports, especially football.  Most high school boys will gain between 10-20 pounds each year as they go through school.  Now is the time to work at gaining muscle, not flab, and to increase your strength, flexibility, and athleticism.

Building and being part of a TEAM is more than showing up for practices.  TEAMmates are accountable to each other and challenge each other to become the best they can be, on and off the field.  Step up, and be a great TEAMmate!

We expect to see you there.

Football Jamboree: Friday, August 27, 2017

The Varsity and JV teams will be headed to Hood River, OR for a Jamboree on Friday, August 27, 2017.

Who:  All players 10-12 grade.  Freshmen do not go to the Jamboree.  Freshmen will have practice at 11:00 on Friday.

Where:  Hood River Valley High School: 1220 Indian Creek Road, Hood River, OR

When:  The Jamboree starts at 6:00.  The team needs to be there by 5:00:  The Players need to be at PHS no later than 2:15… we expect traffic.

What to Bring:  Players need to bring their home game uniform.

Food:  The Jamboree is an opportunity for teams to compete against an opponent prior to the official first game of the season.  This is also a fundraiser for HRVHS.  They will have food available after the game.  For $5.00, a player will get a hamburger, chips, cookie and drink.  It is a pretty good deal and we will not be stopping elsewhere on the way home.  Players should bring $5.00 for their meal.

What is a Jamboree?  This is a scrimmage format.   4 teams will be on the field at the same time.  2 teams will face off against each other from the 40 yard line on one end while 2 other teams will do the same on the opposite end.  One team is on Offense for 12 plays while the other plays defense for 12 plays.  The ball moves down the field if the team gains 10 yards in 3 plays, otherwise they return to the 40 to start again.  Once the offense has used up their 12 plays, they will switch to defense.  The 4 varsity teams will play, then the 4 JV teams will play.  Each team will play the other 3 opponents.

Who will we play?  We will play against Hood River HS, Park Rose HS, and Pendleton HS.

When will we get home?  It is hard to tell, but I would guess the scrimmages will be over around 8:00, and by time the kids eat we will head home around 9:00.  We should be to the school by 10:30.


Before you can play in a game you must be academically AND athletically eligible.

Academic Eligibility:

There are 2 issues concerning Academic eligibility.

  1.  BGSD eligibility requires a Minimum 1.7 GPA and 0 Fs.  If you have 1 or more F’s OR you have no Fs but your GPA is below 1.7, you can do a grade check AFTER 10 days of school.   That means you will potentially miss 3 games before you can play.
  2. WIAA eligibility requires you have fewer that 2 F’s,  If you have 2 or more Fs, you can do a Grade check after the 4th Friday in September.  That mean you may potentially miss 5 games before you can play.

It is important to understand that IF you are academically ineligible AND you want to be on the team, you will be required to either be at practice (on time) or working with a teacher to bring your grades up (verified by a pass to practice by your teacher).  If do not attend practice or work with your teachers to get your grades up, you will be released from the team.  

If you are not eligible when you do your grade check, you will be released from the team. EDUCATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SPORTS!!!

Athletic Eligibility

Before you can play in a game, you must have met the WIAA required minimum number of practice days.

  • To participate in the Jamboree (August 26) you must have 8 days of practice completed.  (There are only 8 days of practice prior to the Jamboree.  If you miss a day of practice, you will not be allowed to participate in the Jamboree.)
  • To participate in the first game, you must have 12 days of practice completed.
    • Freshmen only have 13 days of practice prior to their first game (Sept 1)
    • JV/Varsity only have 14 days of practice prior to their first game (Sept 2)

ASB CLEARANCE… Before You Can Practice!

Before you can practice you must be cleared through the ASB office.  Many players will clear when they submit their paperwork to participate in Spring practice.   It is important the those players check with the ASB office prior to the start of Fall practice to make certain their physical has not expired over the summer.

Any player who did not clear through the ASB in the spring, must do so before they can practice in the fall!  They will need to have a qualified physical on file as well as have the Athletic code signed and submitted.  Stop and get an Athletic Packet from the ASB as soon as possible!

Under NO circumstances will a player be allowed to participate in either the Spring or Fall until they have been officially cleared through the ASB Office.


Our Freshman Football Camp will kickoff on Monday, July 25 @ 6:00 p.m. on the Prairie Athletic field.  Camp will run from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Monday, July 24 through Thursday, July 27.

The coaches will teach the players the fundamentals of our offensive and defensive systems, familiarize them with our position drills, and begin to prepare them for the upcoming season.

This is a Non-Contact camp.  Players are encouraged to wear T-shirts, shorts, and football cleats if they have them, otherwise tennis shoes will work fine.

This event is FREE to all incoming freshman.

Team Camp Forms and Payment, 2017


  • Players who picked up Team Camp forms should return them to Coach Baker,  room 706, or Coach Pock, Boy’s locker room.   Forms are due to Coach Baker no later than May 15.  Payment is not due at that time.   Please make certain to complete the insurance information as well as parent and player signature.


  • The cost of Team Camp is $275.  This fee is payable at the ASB office.  Although they will be happy to take the complete payment at one time, it is not necessary to do so.  If you choose to make payment by installments.  Final payment is due no later than June 15th.
  • Make checks payable to Falcon Football Boosters
  • If you have concerns regarding paying for camp, please contact Laura Bobst (Booster President)

Spring Practice & FB Team Camp Eligibility

Anyone participating in Spring practice or going to Football Camp must be cleared through the ASB office.  You must have a NEW 2017/18 (next year’s) sports packet on file and will need a new physical IF yours is beyond the acceptable date.  (Jeanne will let you know).  Even if your physical is still good you must have a NEW Sports Packet on file before you can participate.

Stop by the ASB office to make certain you are eligible to participate.

Anyone who has not participated in a sport this year will need to get a Sports information packet from the ASB and get a physical to put on file through the ASB office.

To compete with the team at camp you MUST have 10 practices.